Our Services

You will have a dedicated advisor that works with you and coordinates the services of a U.S. advisor. If you would like, we can also work with you to identify other professional advisors such as tax, estate planning, insurance, mortgages; whatever services are required to ensure all your financial planning needs are met both in Europe and in the U.S.


As a U.S. connected person living and working in Europe, you need to take care of how you structure your financial planning as you have a continued U.S. tax filing requirement. As the member states of the E.U. and Switzerland are signatories of FATCA, any investments held outside of the U.S. must be tax compliant or there could be significant tax penalties. We assist U.S. connected persons living in this region to structure their investment planning so that any investments held outside the U.S. irrespective of currency can be held in a compliant and tax efficient manner.


You may be a U.S. connected person who is accruing or has accrued pension funds in the country you are currently living. Due to your U.S. citizenship, many European pension providers will not want to deal with you at retirement. This makes accessing benefits very challenging. We assist you with “at-retirement” pension planning by providing fully flexible and defined benefit/final salary pension advice either in the European you are in or after you return to the U.S. We also deliver currency solutions within European pension plans where the underlying funds can be held and invested in USD, Euro, or GBP with transfers between any of these currencies at a time of your choosing to mitigate currency risks.


Considering your U.S. assets and plans is an important element in your overall financial planning. We take your entire financial picture into account, or we can tailor the plan to a specific goal or issue.

  • Comprehensive Financial Planning, Estate Planning, College Planning, Tax Planning and Management
  • Asset Management/Distribution Planning for Separation & Divorce
  • Long Term Medical Care Planning
  • Stock Options Analysis
  • Brokerage and Investment Advisory Services
  • Domestic Partnership and Couples Planning
  • Planning for Special Needs Individuals
  • Budgeting and Cash Analysis
  • Insurance and Risk Analysis


In addition to any overseas pension it’s likely you will have U.S. assets allocated for retirement, we can assist you with:

  • Employee Benefits Plan Analysis
  • Retirement Planning
  • 401(k)/Qualified Plan Allocation
  • IRAs – Traditional, Roth, SIMPLE and SEP IRAs.