The UABs™ structure allows investors to invest in a portfolio of securities through one wrapper, that is less onerous and less expensive than developing a fund or trust solution.

The UABs™ wrapper has potential applicability to anyone working to meet FATCA, CRS, Confidentiality, or Family Offices needs. Universal Access Bonds are constructed as special purpose vehicles and qualify as a Section 110 Company under Irish law. UABs™ investors own an Irish Stock Exchange listed debt security which provides investor is access to an underlying UCITs fund. The value of the UABs™ is directly related to the value of the underlying fund. Subscriptions and redemptions occur monthly, through Euroclear. Liquid/Transferable – The UABs™ directly feeds assets into its target fund, without compromising the underlying fund, while also ensuring robust tax reporting is made to the various regimes demanding the information. Compliant – Allow Investors takes on the responsibility of reporting , eliminates the conflicts and remains compliant with relevant US and Irish tax/legal legislation and regulation.