Why You Need a Financial Advisor in both the U.S. and Europe

If you need to put your financial house in order but haven’t taken all of the steps yet, you’re not alone! 58% of Americans believe their planning needs improvement, furthermore, 34% of us have not begun to plan for our futures. Today’s economy is complex and uncertain and Americans say they need more guidance. Use of financial advisors has
increased significantly in the last five years with people hiring them for better guidance, especially for long-term goals,such as retirement.

Research has attempted to quantify the value that financial advisors can provide – they help individuals generate approximately 1.82% excess return each year, creating approximately 29% higher retirement income wealth. If an advisor is charging a 1% fee per year for the management of your assets, the financial advice has significant positive impact generating additional long-term income.

There are many qualified advisors, however, some may be better trained and suited for your unique international needs. Key things to consider:

Does your advisor understand the investment challenges, opportunities and tax implications of investing in both Europe & the U.S.?
Are you getting “joined up thinking” on your investments and retirement assets in both Europe and the U.S.?
Can your U.S. advisor help manage your European investments and retirement assets if you leave Europe?
Who is helping you transfer money cost effectively between countries?
Does your advisor understand that you can’t invest in U.S. mutual funds while you’re a resident overseas?

By Robert Rigby-Hall

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