About Beacon American Advisors

At Beacon American Advisors we understand being American. Our founders and many of our leadership team are American. We have walked in our client’s footsteps, shared their excitement and their frustration. Our goal is simple “to be of service, nothing is more noble”.

We trace our origins back more than 20 years to 1996 when one of our founders formed Beacon Financial, based in New Jersey with a focus on supporting clients with financial advice as well as providing extensive financial education to corporations. In 2004 we launched a business focused on law enforcement, again supporting clients directly and providing financial education. In 2015 we realized the needs of Americans overseas were not being met and so two of the founders moved to Europe to once again work with clients and spread financial education.

We assess your needs and then assign one of our select cross-border experts who can advise you on your finances wherever you’re based in the world. We select, train and audit these advisers to make sure they maintain their deep domain expertise, undergo continuous education and most importantly with their colleagues to meet your needs.

Beacon American Advisors has a set of values that support how we work as a business and as a team:

The client is everything, we put the needs of our clients ahead of our own, always
We and our advisers are fairly compensated for the services they provide
We are transparent and objective
We seek opportunities to be innovative with our partners and clients
We operate with integrity in everything we do – trust, professionalism and privacy
We take personal accountability for everything we commit to and execute with excellence
We treat each other with trust and respect, always assuming positive intent
We meet challenges with a focus on openness, directness and resolution
We work as a team, building a collaborative enterprise for all
We believe in family and the balance that brings to our lives. We have fun!